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JW Skincare Distribution is a branch from its parent company, JW Cosmetics, a retail company carrying over 30 skincare brands spa services. While operating JW Cosmetics, the owners discovered that there are unique international skincare brands which have not yet entered the Canadian skincare industry that consumers can enjoy. This was due to the strict but respected Health Canada regulations and international logistics. However, through the dedication of their team and the vision of the owners, JW Skincare Distribution was created with the aim to bring luxury skincare brands to the Canadian market that many local consumers in Europe and Asia enjoy.


Just like JW Cosmetics, we focus on quality, punctuality, and customer service. Don’t miss a chance to try something new because it might just change your skin.



JW Skincare Distribution strives to enhance the quality of skincare products in Canada. By ensuring all Health Canada regulations are followed, JW is committed to distribute skincare designed to protect your and your skin.


JW Skincare Distribution seeks to become the preferred and top choice supplier for quality, high-end skincare and beauty products in the Canadian market.

In order to work towards this vision, we believe in building strong partnerships with our clients that reach beyond the distribution of products. We aim to achieve and maintain outstanding customer results through our top quality products and customer service!

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